Our Story

Crestline Capital, LLC is an independent financial advisory firm that was started to help clients plan and invest their money sensibly. We are advisors to individuals, helping them prioritize their financial goals and implement a plan that gets them from where they are today to where they want to go. Financial decisions involve trade offs. We work directly with each client to lay out their various options, decide on a course of action and implement and monitor a strategy to help them stay on track. We specialize in keeping things understandable and listening to what our clients are telling us.       

We started the firm because we wanted to break from the status quo; to do things differently by having a uniquely productive, collaborative relationship with our clients. There are many larger investment firms in the financial services world, and they typically have their own agenda. They make things unnecessarily complicated (they would argue that this is their “value add”) and are often accompanied by a lot of overhead. We found this creates a headwind for their clients who end up playing the game uphill. We believe that sitting on the same side of the table as our clients and using a transparent and more cost-effective approach, helps them better reach their goals.