Our Process

Most of what we do is advising clients on investment decisions- helping them create and maintain an appropriate portfolio. Our big idea is a simple one: focus on the task at hand and stick with an uncomplicated, effective process. Our clients don’t pay the price of chasing their tail and getting involved in things they do not understand. We create investment plans to achieve longer-term goals, and help clients avoid being sidetracked by distractions and emotional reactions that get in the way and are not important over the long run. Our restaurant has a simple menu that does not change very much because it has worked over time. We are not tempted to chase the latest fad that may prove exciting for a time, because we know it will fade quickly.

We use Dimensional Fund Advisors for much of our investment management and we typically have clients keep their accounts at Charles Schwab & Co, Inc.  Dimensional is a unique organization in the investment management world. They follow an academic, evidenced based process to guide the creation of their investment portfolios, which Crestline Capital clients have access to. Schwab is a leading custodian working with both individuals and independent advisors and their clients.   

Crestline Capital provides clients with access to Dimensional Fund Advisors funds. Dimensional was founded in 1981 and currently manages nearly $375 billion for clients worldwide.